We want to help doing research into the precaution, diagnosis, therapy and aftercare of diseases related to apheresis and other extracorporeal therapies, in collaboration with related clinical and theoretical disciplines and basic sciences and in cooperation with patients, and coordinating extracorporeal therapeutic strategies.

We consult with the planning and implementation as well as coordination and performance of scientific studies, including, but not limited to, clinical scientific studies and studies for health services research, and support of scientific institutions for the further development of Apheresis.

We deal with the development, implementation, early identification and evaluation of methods, processes and programmes for precaution, diagnostics, therapy and aftercare at hospitals.

We are in scientific cooperation with other specialist associations and societies as well as other scientific organisations in Germany and abroad.

We strive for the promotion and establishment of quality improvement and assurance measures (e.g. in the form of a register, certifications, guidelines) in apheresis.

We want to inform and support in the case of questions for financing bodies of scientific or public institutions, health and pension insurance companies, patients and their family members and the public.

We develop standards and guidelines, new training, further training and advanced training plans, teaching programmes, and certification and accreditation criteria. Additionally, we attend to further training of doctors - as well as medical technical assistants who are not doctors - in the field of apheresis and extracorporeal therapy.